About Dutch Family Waterman

This site has been set up to provide information relating to the Waterman family, which migrated from Holland to east London in the 19th century. The family’s previous name would appear to be Wascherman, which is a name that comes from the German Ashkenazi jews. By the time they came to the UK, the name had become Waterman.

Levy (or Levie) Abraham Waterman and Betsy Waterman (nee Koekoek) settled in Spitalfields, London in 1869.

Levy and Betsy had 10 children:

  • Abraham Waterman
  • Hijman (Henry)
  • Phoebe Waterman
  • Isaac Waterman
  • Matilda Waterman
  • Mary Waterman
  • Eve Waterman
  • Susan Waterman
  • Joseph Waterman
  • Joel (Jewel) Waterman

Dutch Family Waterman would be most grateful if anyone could provide information on the Dutch-born Waschermans, as it would help us update our own family tree.

At the moment we’re particularly interested in information on Emanuel Wascherman, who was born in 1701 in Holland, and his German ancestors.

Email dutchfamilywatermanATgmail.com to get in touch (replace AT with @)

4 Responses to “About Dutch Family Waterman”

  1. I have information on Phoebe Waterman and her descendants if you need this

  2. Rachel Lichtenstein Says:

    I have read your site with great interest. I am a historian and writer currently working at Sandys Row Synagogue Spitalfields, I hope you will get in touch. I would be fascinated to learn more about your research into your family history. I hope you could help us trace the synagogue in Amsterdam members of Sandys Row might have hailed from? Regards, Rachel

  3. Carola Gabrielle Says:


    Today I was searching on google to find more information about my greatgrandfather Barend Waterman, who I know is a direct descendant of the Waterman family from Spitalfields. My grandmother is the granddaughter of Barend Waterman.

    He was born 26 April 1871 and was murdered in Auschwitz on 15 October 1942 at the age of 71 (see photo attached of Waterman)

    Carola Gabrielle

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