Louis Waterman

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26th May 1911 at 122 Sandringham Road, London. Source: birth certificate.


5th September 1939 at Stoke Newington Synagogue, London. Source: wedding certificate.


9th May 2000 at Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, Wales. Source: death certificate.


10th May 2000 at Jewish Cemetery, Oystermouth, Wales. Source: funeral receipt.


Dress cutter. Source: son, word of mouth.


Joseph Waterman. Source: wedding certificate.


Jeannette Dribbell. Source: wedding certificate


Frances Dacosta. Source: wedding certificate.



7 Responses to “Louis Waterman”

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  3. do hope that someone will email me regarding jeannette dribbel. i think that she was my grandfathers sister. louis dribbell

    • Jeannette had 3 brothers. Maurice(Henry) Louis, and John Ansell.

      • Sheila dame Says:

        Louis Dribbell was my grandfather. I had never heard of Jeanette. But Ansel or Paul Dribbell knew of her how was Louis dribbell your grandfather. He had

      • Louis Dribbell was the brother of my grandfather, Joseph Waterman, who I am named after. Louis married Catherine Vandernoot in 1894 and then married Sarah Swaif in 1914. I knew Jeannette well as she was my dads mother, my grandmother.
        Louis’s parents were Henry Dribbell and Hannah Goodman. My father remembers Hannah who was from Germany and spoke about 6 languages but couldn’t write any of them including English. Henry was born in 1845 and died 1900 and Hannah was born in 1845 and died in 1935.

      • Sheila dame Says:

        Now I know why my brother Larry middle name is maurice

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